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About Us

It was a natural progression for us as co-owners Sandy Gnidziejko and Ellen Heath of Little River Antiques and Collectibles in Biddeford, Maine to expand our antiques business from selling online, exhibiting at antique shows and group shops, to now offering complete Estate Liquidation Services. We even changed our business name to reflect our expanded business: Little River Antiques & Estate Sales, LLC. As members of the Maine Antiques Dealers Association and the American Society of Estate Liquidators we have a cadre of professionals at our disposal to utilize as additional resources as we liquidate your estate.

Over the years talking with folks attending antique shows or during our workshops on downsizing, we heard time and time again from parents sharing with us just how their homes were filled with antiques, memorabilia, collectibles, personal belongings amassed over their lifetimes and just plain “stuff!” They would then tell us how their children or heirs unfortunately had no interest in acquiring any of it.

Coupled with this awareness we knew from first hand experience how difficult it is to decide how to take care of the household items or belongings of a loved one faced with moving into an assisted living facility or the actual passing of one’s parents.

These trying periods in anyone’s life can be overwhelming, stressful and often times, time consuming. Given our extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles, our selling abilities, a deep understanding for what it is like when faced with significant life changes, and our natural caring and compassion for others, we decided to offer services that would help relieve some of the uncertainties associated with the process of downsizing or liquidating an estate.

Although from the Biddeford, Maine area, we look forward to working with seniors, and their family members liquidating an estate, or individuals who need or want to downsize as a result of relocating or taking on a totally new direction. We offer our services throughout southern and coastal Maine and a bit beyond in a confidential and supportive environment. Our goal is to achieve the highest financial results for our client’s valuables and belongings during their liquidation process.

We now offer expanded services in the area of PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISALS.  Click on the icon to your upper right listed as “Appraisal Services”.

For more information, or to schedule a free consultation for your estate contents sale, please contact Sandy Gnidziejko or Ellen Heath, Little River Antiques & Estate Sales, LLC at 207-751-6466 or via email at