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Estate Sale Photos

This section of our website is dedicated to showcasing the services we have provided to some past clients.
We hope that our showcase will give you a better idea for the professional, compassionate, comprehensive, and quality services we provide to our clients.


We look forward to hearing from you –

“We Are At Your Service!”

As of this Update January, 2017 we have completed nearly 40 Estate Liquidation Sales since we conducted our very first sale in the Spring of 2013.  Each Estate Sale is unique and presents us with many challenges that we have met by creating a personalized liquidation plan for each of our clients.  Highlighted below are just a few examples of the kinds of estates we have liquidated.

These examples, we hope, will give you an even better understanding for how we tailor our liquidation process to meet our client’s individual needs and expectations!

August, 2016

This Estate Sale held in Scarborough can give you an idea for our liquidation process which includes three distinct phases:  The Discovery Phase, The Staging and Set-Up Phase, and the Final Removal and Clean-out Phase.


During our initial walk thru of the home with our clients, (Discovery Phase), we gain an understanding for the extent of the contents to be sold and begin visually framing up how we will set up those contents based upon the size, logistics, and characteristics of the home.

IMG_1138     IMG_1137 IMG_1135     IMG_1134 IMG_1133     IMG_1132 IMG_1131     IMG_1130 IMG_1129     IMG_1128 IMG_1126     IMG_1125 IMG_1123     IMG_1122 IMG_1121     IMG_1120


Once we have our signed contract in hand which in part identifies the dates for the sale, we bring in our own tables with linens and begin to collect similar items  to organize in a presentable manner on top of these tables.  The contents of the home are staged in such a manner as to resemble a retail venue. We want our customers attending the sale to find items easily, readily and with an organized, clean, and thematic presentation.

Here’s what the home looked like once we completed the Staging and Set Up Phase:

P1180836         P1170940        P1170988

IMG_20160810_142746536_HDR           P1170985

P1170950   P1170983

P1180045         P1180046      IMG_20160810_140855075_HDR     P1180042


            P1180006     P1170941


IMG_20160810_135659543_HDR     IMG_20160810_135724021

              P1170762     IMG_1155


Once the sale is concluded we enter into the final phase of the liquidation process:  Final Removal and Clean-out.  Our clients have the final decision as to what and how they would like those items remaining and not sold to be disposed of. Clients can opt to retain items for themselves, family or friends, and/or donate items to a variety of worthy organizations.  Final removal and clean-out is typically completed within one week (or less) following the conclusion of the estate sale.  If a client so chooses, we will leave the interior of the house broom swept and void of any and all items.

       P1190169     P1190156                    P1190171       IMG_1161           P1190157 P1190159        P1190170    P1190168     P1180869

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June, 2015      Franklin M. Wolfe Estate       5,000 Sq. Ft.      Three Stories


This was an unbelievable three-day estate liquidation sale.  The estate, designed to replicate a Maine farmhouse property, fully equipped with silo and outdoor vintage farm equipment, is located on the pristine Laudholm Farm Trust conservation grounds.

Although deceiving from the exterior, the “farmhouse” is far from ordinary inside.  As a result of the creative genius of Franklin M. Wolfe this nearly 5,000 square foot estate houses three floors of hundreds of eclectic, surprisingly sophisticated ornate, and contemporary pieces of pottery, art, furniture, textiles, and home décor items.

If the main floor and upper level balcony-entranced bedrooms, including the master bedroom with full kitchenette and one of two Jacuzzi’s, are not enough to inspire your visit and buying palate, the basement has been transformed into a fantasy-like showcase of his childhood neighborhood. It features a general store, florist shop, children’s playroom, pub, private office, and movie theater – all fully furnished and impeccably detailed with accents and accessories making this a true one-of-a-kind estate liquidation extravaganza experience!

P1110339         P1100724 

    P1100738      P1100718       P1100666 


Here’s just a sampling of the hundreds of items for sale!

P1100832   P1100652   P1100867

P1100848    P1100846  P1100803  P1100807

P1100818   P1100820           P1100877


P1100660    P1100771    P1100676     P1100641


Michael and Alex removed the amusement park ride from the basement all the way to Alex’s truck outswide.

 IMG_20150627_131135286      P1100639          P1110451         P1110452       P1110455


We even sold farm equipment!

P1100856            IMG_20150702_104254727


After everything was said and done, we left the entire estate practically empty and broom swept!

   P1110341P1110347P1110340       P1110354



July, 2014        5,000 Sq. Ft. Estate Liquidation Sale         Wells, ME.


The liquidation of this estate was by far our largest estate sale to date.  The contents of the estate consisted of 3 floors, the attic, garage, gazebo contents and outdoor garden structures.  Adding to the familiar contents of the estate, (china, pottery, furniture and a large collection of area rugs), there were also literally hundreds of paintings as the homeowner was an artist/collector and his late wife a professional framer.  We had the contents of both their studios to liquidate.

The interesting piece to this particular estate sale was the limited time frame we had in which to liquidate the entire contents of the estate prior to the closing.  This included an adjacent part of the house and which was rented to an individual refusing to leave the premises. The closing was scheduled for three days after the end of the sale. We were able to contact some of our resources who helped us cleanout the few items remaining from the sale and also the attached apartment which was left in a shambles and filled to the brim with trash.

By the third day, and an hour prior to the closing, we successfully and completely cleaned out the contents of the estate including the attached apartment.  The Estate  Sale was a huge success and we left the 5,000 square foot estate totally empty!  Here’s some pictures highlighting this estate sale:



P1050017    P1050117

P1050219           P1050242

P1050351       P1050643

P1050338     P1050334  

P1050805       P1050816

P1050813     P1050438


Folks came and lined up well before the official start of the estate sale and yes, filled their pickup trucks and cars with their purchases!

P1050819       P1050829


The Dump Guys, LLC were a tremendous help in cleaning out the trash from the apartment.  We could not have done it without them!


DSC04154  DSC04161

DSC04152     DSC04153    DSC04170


We left the estate “proper” broom swept and ready in time for the final walk through and closing!

DSC04162   DSC04172


We also made a life-time friend!




July, 2014        Multiple Estates Sale    Atlantic Hall      Cape Porpoise, ME

We sponsored a Multiple Estates Sale in the iconic Atlantic Hall located in Cape Porpoise, ME.  Very often we hear from prospective clients that they only wish to dissolve a small portion of their estate.  Whether it be a couple of items or a complete collection, there is not enough items to conduct a complete estate liquidation.  So, we offered to homeowners the opportunity to participate in a Multiple Estates Sale where we would go to the home of the client, review their items and select those items which are appropriate for this kind of sale.


Two days prior to the sale, homeowners bring their items to us, we then tag,  price and stage them for the sale.  Our Atlantic Hall Multiple Estates Sale was a huge success and was attended by hundreds of people who were also actively buying! Items that did not sell were picked up the the individual homeowners at the end of the sale.  Here are some pictures of our Multiple Estates Sale:




We rented the Atlantic Hall for four days.  The first floor we had staged the furniture, while the second floor was used for the smaller items.

IMG_20140511_091508866  P1050154

P1050141   P1050142


Each participating homeowner was assigned a number which was then used on tags identifying their items.

P1050143       IMG_20140718_084348204




Folks had arrived as early as 6:30 am to be the first in line for the 9am opening!



After the conclusion of the Multiple Estates Sale we returned the Atlantic Hall back to its original setting.




February, 2014         Liquidation of an Antique Shop          Shops at Wells Union          Wells, ME

We liquidated the entire contents of an antique shop located in the Shops at Wells Union on Route 1 in Wells, ME.

Here are some pictures of what the antique shop looked like before and after we liquidated the entire shop.



This antique shop had been closed for nearly 8 years and had the original price tags on each of the items.

CIMG1988       CIMG2001

CIMG1990      CIMG2007



Even though the sale was conducted in February and during consecutive snow storms, we sold EVERYTHING in the shop!