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Before The Sale
Should I throw any items away to help get ready?
No. Most all items have some value and have the potential to be sold.  Even though we specialize in selling antiques, “Items Don’t Have to be OLD to be SOLD!”
Can I remove items from the sale prior to the sale?
Once we have agreed upon which items will be included in the sale, these items become the sale items and are subject to the full commission value if removed.
What should we do to prepare our items for the sale?
We ask that you remove or place in a designated area those items you do not wish to sell. We will organize, price, and setup all items designated for sale in preparation for the sale.
Do I need to carry property and casualty insurance?
Yes. Because the sale is taking place on your premises, we are relying on you to have in place ordinary property and casualty insurance, as we cannot be responsible for any injuries or other harm occurring in connection with the sale. In the unlikely event someone is injured and notifies us of a potential claim, we will refer them to you, and would expect you to refer them to your insurance carrier. You agree to indemnify us against any claims, damages or liability (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) as a result of an injury or other harm suffered by any person and stemming from the sale, whether arising before, during or after the sale.
How long does it take to price and set up for the sale?
Once we reach an agreement and you are ready to proceed, Little River Antiques & Estate Sales will schedule with you to come to your home and price those items agreed upon to be sold. All items will be photographed for advertisement purposes. This may take from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on the situation and the size of the sale.
How do you attract buyers to the sale?
We use target marketing and a comprehensive approach to sell your items. We prepare a list and take photographs of what you have for sale. We advertise in local print newspapers the week of the sale.  All sales are promoted on our website, as well as on, and Craigslist at least two-three weeks in advance of the sale. We also print advertisement cards and distribute these to community organizations of interest. Just prior to the day of the start of the sale, we post our professional road signs that point the way to passing motorists. Where there may be items of particular interest and value, we alert directly individuals whom we know might be interested in their purchase. These methods allow us to reach the maximum audience of regular buyers, collectors, dealers and casual shoppers.