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During The Sale
What happens during the sale?
Typically there will be a number of people lined up about a half hour (or more) before the sale waiting to be one of the first people in the door. Our professionally trained staff is posted throughout the house to assist customers with their purchases and to oversee general traffic flow. We only allow a certain amount of people in the home to ensure an orderly and secure sale. Our cashier is posted at the door and checks out each customer as they leave.
Should we be present during the sale?
We discourage homeowners or their family members or estate designees from being present during the actual sale. In fact we strongly prefer that you are not present. We have found that it can be quite an emotional experience for owners to see their belongings being sold. Additionally, buyers become reluctant to buy when owners are present. We therefore, respectfully request you or your designees not attend the sale. We will be in contact with you to update you as to the progress of the sale at the conclusion of each sale day should you prefer.
How do people pay for items?
We accept all major credit cards, cash and good checks. All checks are made payable to Little River Antiques and Estate Sales. All monies collected are then deposited in our company account and final payment to our clients is drawn from these accumulated funds. In the event that a check is returned to us for insufficient funds, we will make every effort to recover the monies. Little River Antiques & Estate Sales assumes full responsibility for “bad” checks. Insufficient funds to us, does not mean insufficient funds to our clients!
How will the larger sold items be removed from my home?
Buyers who purchase ANY item, large or small, are responsible for the timely removal of the items. We will make every effort for all purchased items to be removed during the actual sale period. Arrangements may be made to remove sold items after the sale period via the discretion and availability of the homeowner and the buyer. At the discretion of the homeowner Little River Antiques & Estate Sales can be called upon to help coordinate the removal of these sold items.