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Little River Antiques & Estate Sales offers workshops and seminars in support of organizations who help seniors and their family members navigate through the various stages of downsizing and liquidating their loved ones estates.  We are also available to real estate agencies, investment agencies and other professions who would like to educate and assist their clients as well as the general public in this process.  Specific presentations and workshops can be easily tailored to meet your requests.

Workshops and Presentations we offer:


“Simplifying the Process of Downsizing and Liquidating an Estate”

Dissolving or downsizing a loved one’s estate or even a few precious items can be a daunting and stressful experience; one, unfortunately, many of us find ourselves in the position to do – like it or not.

This 1-2 hour interactive session is specifically designed to help participants uncomplicate the process of downsizing and/or liquidating an estate. Useful tools, strategies and resources are provided to participants to help get started.

We will provide a prospective of and understanding for the emotional side of “letting go” of material objects/personal belongings while discussing the difference between a particular item’s “value” versus “what it is really worth.”

In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of methods for dissolving or downsizing an estate will be discussed.  Both online resources and professional contacts will be shared. Finally, the process by which we conduct partial or entire onsite estate liquidation sales will be presented.

Sandy Gnidziejko and Ellen Heath, co-owners of Little River Antiques & Estate Sales, LLC actively buy and sell antiques throughout the greater New England area with an established online shop presence as well. Both are members of the Maine Antiques Dealers Association where Sandy is also a Board Member.

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Antique Portland Glass Presentation:  PORTLAND GLASS COMPANY 1863 – 1873  “A Brief History”

Kudos to Ellen Heath, Co-Owner of Little River Antiques & Estate Sales, for a GREAT lecture on antique Portland Glass delivered last night by invitation from the Cumberland Historical Society and held at the Cumberland Fire Station. It was a good turn out and attendees were provided with information and insights into the glass-making process, the history of Early American Pressed Glass with particular emphasis on the Portland, ME Glass Company. Attendees had an opportunity to examine samples of Early American Pressed Glass along with select pieces of Portland Glass from Ellen’s private collection. Special recognition also goes out to Kathy Kenny, Cumberland Historical Society Program Director, for coordinating the evening’s lecture. Well Done!