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The Process
Onsite Estate Sale Liquidation Process

A comprehensive view of how it all works.

  1. Review & Consultation
    We meet for the first time with the client and come to understand their individual needs, and unique circumstances.  We review our Estate Sales Agreement and sign the agreement. We establish the dates for the sale.
  2. Item Identification
    We identify and agree upon all the items, which will become part of the Estate Sale.  Although our name suggests we may only liquidate antiques, (of which we are well versed in selling) we do specialize in liquidating entire estates regardless of the age or contents of the items.  “It doesn’t have to be “old” to be “sold.”  We photograph each item for marketing and documentation purposes.
  3. Research & Pricing
    We establish the most appropriate fair market price for the saleable items utilizing both professional and online resources.
  4. Marketing & Advertising
    We utilize a variety of marketing and advertising venues to publicize the sale. These include well-known and well-trafficked estate sale websites, social media, newspaper advertising, postcard distribution and announcements in and around local town businesses.  We post professional signage along routes the day before the sale for motorists to easily find the sale. This helps to advertize the sale as well.
  5. Tagging & Staging
    We return to the home a few days prior to the sale, and apply price tags to each of the items, which are part of the estate sale.  We organize and stage these items in a thoughtful and appealing manner to present them in their best light for the sale.
  6. Selling
    We conduct the onsite sale in an orderly and professional manner. We staff the premises as needed with our friendly and professional associates. Appropriate parking areas are identified and security of belongings and property are priorities.
  7. Home Contents Finalization
    We follow through with the client’s wishes for final item resolution. (Leave alone. Donate to charity. Forward onto auction. Cleanout house.)
  8. Payment
    Final payment of sold items is made within 7 business days after the conclusion of the sale.  During this time, we provide a final summary of fees and charges for client review.