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Eileen Palazzolo
8th Sep


Eileen Palazzolo

Little River Antiques & Estate Sales

How can I describe my experience with Little River?

Outstanding professionalism with a mega dose of human compassion.

My 84 year old father lost his wife to cancer one year ago. The house they owned together was very large and packed with furniture, rugs, paintings and collectables. My heartbroken father put his house on the market shortly after his wife died, not sure when it would sell. He had a very difficult time parting with the treasures he had accumulated over the years, so he did not. One year later, when his house sold, he was completely overwhelmed and at times distraught. He had only a few weeks to liquidate his belongings and vacate the property. He didn’t know where to begin. This is when Sandy stepped in and literally saved him. They scheduled an estate sale complete with advertising. Their meticulous work didn’t end after the (very successful) sale. This was merely the beginning. There was still much work to be done. They soldiered through easing our minds by taking full control. They recruited the Junk Guys to come in and take away truck loads of stuff. They made sure the house was in acceptable condition by hiring All About Cleaning. They stayed with my father until he drove down his driveway for the very last time. They gave him a hug and strong words of encouragement upon their departure.

Sandy didn’t just work for my father, she worked for my sister and me too. I learned almost immediately that I could put full trust in these two women to handle situations when my sister and I couldn’t be there. They got a job done that seemed too big to conquer, and they did it perfectly well.

I will be eternally grateful for what they did for my father.

Are angels real? Indeed.

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