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A Seal of Approval!
8th Jun


A Seal of Approval!
Dear Sandy,
Living at my property on the coast of Maine for almost 20 years is one of the greatest joys of my life. Imagine the sadness and stress affiliated with moving to a smaller, more manageable home as I turn 70.
I didn’t know where to start. A good friend of mine had met the two of you, and she told me about your company. Your professionalism and knowledge made me at ease from our first meeting.
Now, almost a month after the 3 day estate sale, I want to acknowledge the success of the entire endeavor with the two of you and your employees. I extend my heartfelt thanks. Certainly, I would recommend you, and your company, to one and all.
With immense gratitude,
Linda Ludemann
Southport Island, ME
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