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From An Alpaca Farm to the High Seas
26th Mar


From An Alpaca Farm to the High Seas

Part of the transition from a 2,400 s.f. home to a 400 s.f. vessel involves doing something with all that stuff accumulated over 35 years of marriage — 27 of them in our home in Cumberland, ME. In preparing to put the house on the market, we rented a 33 yard dumpster and filled it with junk, but what to do with “the good stuff”?

To our rescue came Sandy Gnidziejko of Little River Antiques and Estate Sales. They arranged on counters and tables the things we had decided to part with — in most of the rooms of the house, including the cellar and garage, then advertised the estate sale, held March 11-13. What we decided to keep remained behind closed master and guest room doors. While Hugh and I escaped to NH for the weekend, Sandy and her wonderful staff did a fantastic job of selling and negotiating when necessary, checking in occasionally (when we had cell service) for our “bottom line”.

Over the weeks since our first meeting, we came to rely on their judgment, and they did not let us down. We arrived home to a lot less stuff! The leftovers were then either donated to charity or given to a guy who hauled it all away to sell or dump. What a relief not to have to deal with all of this ourselves.

We highly recommend working with Sandy when you, too, are ready to downsize.

Pam & Hugh Harwood

Cumberland, ME

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