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“Hire Them!”

My mother had a lovely house in Goose Rocks beach for many years.  After she died (about a year ago) my siblings and I had to sell her house as well as the contents inside. We were given the names of a few companies and Sandy and Ellen were at the top of the list.     We called them and they came over the next day.  We had a long conversation about how they work and what they offer.  We decided to hire them and were soooo happy we did.


Sandy and Ellen have been doing this for many years and have developed a streamlined system that really works!!   They are professional, prompt and went way beyond the call of duty.  Both my brother and I live out of state, so we had to work with them remotely.   They made the whole process so easy and worked seamlessly with our real estate agents and painters and everyone else involved in the sale.


They did an amazing job of cleaning out the house, assessing the value of the antiques and organizing the house for the sale.   We ended up making more money than we expected.  Then when the sale was over they called Habitat for Humanity as well as the Dump Guy who came and picked up everything that was left over.


I can only say one thing.  HIRE THEM.    We could not have been happier.  Thank-you SANDY AND ELLEN.


Amadea Bailey

Goose Rocks, ME

“Incredibly Grateful!”

To Whom It May Concern:

After my mother died, my siblings and I hired Sandy and Ellen at Little River Antiques to do an estate sale, so that we could put my mother’s house on sale. Sandy and Ellen were extremely helpful: they made a difficult process far, far easier.  To be honest, I don’t know how we would have been able to do it without them.  Not only did they conduct the estate sale, during which a lot of furniture and belongings sold, but they also made sure that all the things that didn’t sell were picked up by Habitat For Humanity, given to Goodwill or disposed of.  They also were extremely patient, and worked with me, while I went back and forth about what possessions I wanted to keep.

Sandy and Ellen, thank you so much!  My siblings and I are incredibly grateful to you for all of your help!

All best to you!
Adam Bailey

Goose Rocks, ME

Many Thanks!

Kudos to the “Estate Ladies” as our family fondly refers to Sandy and Ellen.

From start to finish Little River Antiques and Estate Sales was a joy to work with. Preparing our mom’s house for the sale after she lived there for 60 years was not an easy task – 1000’s of items including dolls, smalls, and books. We could never have accomplished this final clean-out on our own. Throughout the process, Sandy and Ellen were always gracious and responsive to our requests and timelines after mom’s move to assisted living.

If you are looking for expertise, support, and perseverance during what can be a difficult transition for families we highly recommend the Estate Ladies.

Lynne Lawrence, Elizabeth DesJardins, Susan Burns

Impressed Vacationer!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy and Ellen and their crew at the Kittery Point sale. They were the nicest people, helpful, and the layout of everything was so organized. Although the sale was a pit stop for us while on vacation I will be on the lookout for more of her sales.

Sharon Haimes Schmidt,

New Jersey

Donation Gratitude!

Thank you so much to Ellen and Sandy for their donation to Fair Tide this week! Your generosity will go a long way to helping us with our mission of ending homelessness in the Seacoast area. So grateful! 

Barbara McCuin McGaughey

Fair Tide

A Seal of Approval!
Dear Sandy and Ellen,
Living at my property on the coast of Maine for almost 20 years is one of the greatest joys of my life. Imagine the sadness and stress affiliated with moving to a smaller, more manageable home as I turn 70.
I didn’t know where to start. A good friend of mine had met the two of you, and she told me about your company. Your professionalism and knowledge made me at ease from our first meeting.
Now, almost a month after the 3 day estate sale, I want to acknowledge the success of the entire endeavor with the two of you and your employees. I extend my heartfelt thanks. Certainly, I would recommend you, and your company, to one and all.
With immense gratitude,
Linda Ludemann
Southport Island, ME
“We were very impressed with…”

“We want to extend our appreciation for your efforts on behalf of my mother’s estate. We were very impressed with the process of an estate sale and the professionalism in which you carried this out. The website and description of the items was first-rate. A lot of effort was put into it and took a huge burden off us in our difficult time. I would not hesitate to recommend Little River Antiques and Estate Sale to anyone needing your type of service.”    

Gina and Paul

Scarborough, ME

“It’s a process…stuff management.”

I’m a planner. I live my life in five year chunks and in 2013 realized another overhaul was necessary.

My historic York Harbor antique cape was sold practically overnight and I quickly moved everything to a large condo rental down the street between Christmas and New Years, 2013. Same neighborhood, same friends and connections and incidentally, same stuff! And the realization that I’d occupied 1,500 Square feet of living space since 1984.

I knew I really wanted smaller with less to care for and needed more services than aging in place could provide. York Hospital has been my compass for medical services and their reach included the surrounding towns of Kittery, Eliot, Ogunquit and Wells. Independent living in a senior community seemed the answer for me and I was told there was a two year wait by two such places within the hospital’s reach. I signed on the dotted line.

Soon after I began to plan…how to shrink by half, to comfortably live in 700-800 square feet,

First, how do I sell what wasn’t needed but had some value. There was an ad for a group estate sale in Cape Porpoise mid summer of 2015. I called Little River Antiques and Sandy and Ellen came down to begin the curating process. Then I sorted and packed up the agreed upon “stuff” in my car for the three day sale at Cape Porpoise mid-summer, 2015 . Finally, I’m managing something and it felt like a monumental first step. It was a very good feeling.

The sale was so successful (100 + pieces of Limoges china, misc silver flatware, carousel projector, antique linens, a Vintage Singer featherweight sewing machine, etc) that I asked Sandy and Ellen to continue to market other selective pieces that we agreed, might sell on their website or on Craig’s List , if appropriate. Original art work and some Tiffany servers were placed in a gallery Downeast. And on it went…my “stuff inventory” was shrinking before my eyes. I’m thinking it’s doable for the first time.

By late summer of 2016, a wonderful 700 sq ft apartment became available in Meetinghouse Village in Kittery. Perfect, just down the road a few more miles….I’ll take it on October 1st 2016. Great view, peacefully quiet and a deck to call my own. A sheltered carport loomed large…and it was time to get serious. Stuff management, list after list, became my first priority.

Sandy and Ellen were right in the middle of their most hectic season but we arranged the final event — an estate liquidation sale at the condo. I would move just what I really loved and wanted to keep. The two day sale was advertised and order was made of chaos.

On the weekend of October 14th 15th, 2016 I stayed in Kittery while Sandy and Ellen plus helpers, sold everything else. Outdoor furniture, plants, garden tools and hoses. Indoor furniture, household linens and kitchen items. And my beloved post card collection of 70 years.

What didn’t sell (very little!) was picked up by a charity with strong ties to the Seacoast Community to distribute through their resale shops and to families in need. Everything re-purposed in the end. The dumpster remained empty…

What’s left to say — Sandy Gnidziejko and Ellen Heath know their stuff: evaluating, marketing, selling and management. By the end of the process–they also know your stuff better than you do.  And you’ve worked so well together that you’re friends for life. No higher praise is possible.

Dorothy Healy

York, ME



From An Alpaca Farm to the High Seas

Part of the transition from a 2,400 s.f. home to a 400 s.f. vessel involves doing something with all that stuff accumulated over 35 years of marriage — 27 of them in our home in Cumberland, ME. In preparing to put the house on the market, we rented a 33 yard dumpster and filled it with junk, but what to do with “the good stuff”?

To our rescue came Ellen Heath and Sandy Gnidziejko of Little River Antiques and Estate Sales. They arranged on counters and tables the things we had decided to part with — in most of the rooms of the house, including the cellar and garage, then advertised the estate sale, held March 11-13. What we decided to keep remained behind closed master and guest room doors. While Hugh and I escaped to NH for the weekend, Sandy, Ellen, and their wonderful staff did a fantastic job of selling and negotiating when necessary, checking in occasionally (when we had cell service) for our “bottom line”.

Over the weeks since our first meeting, we came to rely on their judgment, and they did not let us down. We arrived home to a lot less stuff! The leftovers were then either donated to charity or given to a guy who hauled it all away to sell or dump. What a relief not to have to deal with all of this ourselves.

We highly recommend working with Sandy and Ellen when you, too, are ready to downsize.

Pam & Hugh Harwood

Cumberland, ME

Biddeford, ME Three-Story Home Cleanout

Ellen and Sandy,

I wanted to thank you again for all of your help with my Aunts’ house.  You both treated their things with dignity and respect.  For that, I will be forever grateful.  I think that my Aunts would be happy knowing that their things went to those who don’t have a lot.

Thank you again for everything.  Please keep in touch!